The Woodhull Wellness school is all about providing realistic tools to manage stress. We want you to feel supported and equipped to tackle whatever life throws at you. We know adversity knocks on everyone's door at some point or another–join us and learn how to manage stress and anxiety and walk away with the tools to become a more productive, healthier, happier human being. 

"Meditating with Molly is unlike any other meditation experience. Right off the bat, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by her voice — she just has one of those voices that makes you feel grounded and safe exactly where you are. She weaves in her deep knowledge and so skillfully, so you’ll not only have an incredible meditation experience, but you’re guaranteed to learn something about yourself, your breath or body, or how to elevate your practice. What I love most about Molly’s method is that she meets you exactly where you’re at. There’s no pressure to do anything a certain way or have a certain experience. Instead she allows you to just be, and teaches sustainable strategies to live a more mindful life in every moment."

- Pia Beck, Curate Wel Co

Hi, I'm Molly

My name is Molly Woodhull, I am the Founder of Woodhull Wellness, a corporate wellness company.

Woodhull Wellness offers tangible mindfulness tools to elevate organizations and people. We empower people to utilize data-driven mindfulness and meditation techniques to become more productive. Through these tools, employees learn to navigate the modern life efficiently and respond more thoughtfully to stress and adversity in all areas of their life.

My company is rooted in leveraging all three aspects of the triple bottom line; people, profit, and planet. Through mindfulness training we are seeing people become healthier, happier, more thoughtful and productive!

Since the beginning of my wellness practice, I've received a Bachelor's of Science Degree from the University of Denver, a teacher certification from Duke University's The Center from Koru Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training, Compassion and Cultivation training from Stanford University, and a completed YNG + iLAB: Innovation and Disruption lab from Harvard University. I combine my passion for wellness with my desire for life long learning to bring a unique wholeness experience that I believe brings immense value to my clients. .

Check out my website: I look forward to connecting with you soon.